How should I layout this content?

I’m setting up some content for an internet marketing business. The layout can go one of two ways & I was hoping to get some opinions (see attached screenshot below):

As you can see in the screenshot, they have an image that outlines their 4-Step marketing process that they provide their clients. The 4 steps in the image, are listed clockwise. So I decided to list the text for each step in a clockwise layout also, but I’m not sure this is the best or the most readable approach. The other option would be to switch the text of Steps 3 & 4. So now, the reader will read left to right, top to bottom properly.

What’s your opinion? Should I flip-flop steps 3 & 4, or does it look best the way it is?


I’d say leave it as is. The eye naturally works its way around the image, and that order follows the logic of the image, too. After reading Step 2, my eye naturally jumped to Step 3. Step 4 is pretty easy to work out from that point.

I agree with Ralph. You should add a poll to your thread since unless someone has a differing opinion they risk getting ‘fluffed’ for an “i agree post”. Much easier to vote for option one or option two. :slight_smile:

The only drawback is that when reading the text, the end of step 1 text is right next to the start of step 4, almost like a new paragraph. Someone skimming fast might miss that.

Doesn’t mean changing the concept, but maybe the layout / spacing.