How SEO can be populated part of business?

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We all know internet has Changed the Way of our lives, our purchasing habits, now before buying any product user gets full information about that. While SEO is meant for educate engage and finally turning them into visits. After being so much cost effective, easy to calculation of ROI what are the reasons so still corporate industries are not using it?

  • How SEO can be populated as major part of Industries in terms of marketing?
  • Why people does not believe on SEO

I want to make a platform where both can interact and can do value addition for each other. My current objective to engage people on my website and let them benefited from each other.

  1. I am expecting yours advice/suggestions to make it really big, what modules this website may have so that people can really be benefited <snip>
  2. Both businesses and Good SEO Experts can be part of it.
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I am agree with you, Populating our business is not an easy and simple process, for that we have to put more efforts on that. Making sure our website is fully populated for the search engines means using a combination of different techniques in order for your website to be visible to the search engines. By using some basic seo techniques we can populate our business.
1)Keyword Research.
2)Unique content writing.
3)Link building.

Being More Specific:-

  1. Purpose/vision for the site
     Objective of the site?
  2. Making a platform where businesses and SEO Experts can interact, they can do value addition to each other. They can understand how much it is cost effective, efficient and easy to track.
  3. SEO can know/learn best practices, can help businesses to grow.
     What are the goals of the site?
    Provide quality and unbiased information and as a result acquiring business.
    Making SEO as reputable and necessary part of each industry (not only meant for ecommerce or small business), Industries can use them effectively.
    Branding of SEO and businesses.
  4. Goals
     Definition of success
    Our website could be able to fill the gap between business and SEO Experts, here businesses and seo people can participate, and due to highest degree of quality it can be shared without insisting.
     What does success look like?
    When businesses start using SEO on a large scale, and big reputed giants start sharing it for giving references.
     How would you describe the site?
    This website could be able to create a reason for revolution in marketing trends in Industry, for businesses by SEO Experts and to serve people.
     From an organization’s viewpoint?
    Providing quality information, best practices and as a part of fruit getting businesses from participants/other industries
     From a user’s viewpoint?
    Highest degree of information, tools and world class services
    Chances to brand/advertise For businesses: business/company whether for SEO’s

My intention: This platform could be reason for a huge change in marketing methods of business

please help me out, your criticism/suggestions will help me to go towards the goal…

SEO or search engine optimization, is just that, it optimizes your site for indexing in search engines. This if done right may bring people to your site… Once they arrive at your site they need to know where they are and what YOU want them to do next. this is MORE important than SEO and often overlooked.
Called Conversion Rate, this is the number of people that do what you want them to do once they arrive at your site. That may be sign up for a news letter, buy a product, post a comment etc.
SEO gets them there…But what is better, 1000 visitors with little or no conversion or 100 visitors where 10 or 20 signed up?

I request first read the whole post, don’t post here anything just to increase your number of post, I am asking for the ways to engage/ making them feel and to justify

phillipturner has now asked his question three times. Please ensure you have read it and replied to what he is asking before you post. General comments about the usefulness of SEO will be removed as fluff.

Interesting question. I think you can build a forum/blog and attach it your business site so that you keep your visitor’s engaged. Ask them to participate in forums and place comments or queries. Answer their queries and this is how you can interact and bring value addition to your business. You may also offer them some free ebooks which can enlighten them about SEO and its role in Internet marketing.

I think I’m reading what you are asking correctly, so while I am going to go off at a tangent a bit, I think it may be relevant, apologies if it isn’t. Basically we’ve been working with what is the natural extension to SEO for some time now; which covers what users are doing on the site in aggregate and in real-time once they are on the site; along with where they are coming from.

Essentially allowing you to analyze and track various things such as trends (and how they relate to sources), how users engage and interact, visitor flow, hot spots, cold spots (heat mapping) and loads of other things. Stuff that addresses problems akin to what retail marketers have been doing for years.

Basically, while SEO, link building etc. is really important and gets people onto the site; whats equally important from a marketing perspective and is of particular interest to brands right now (and will become more so as time goes on) is how people use and experience the site once there.

Methods to get people onto your site are well documented, whats harder is knowing exactly what happens when they are on the site which has always been a bit of black box where websites are concerned.

Like when you go into a real shop, the shops have methods to get you in when you are outside; then once inside they have methods to control the flow of customers and influence them, they can see how customers flow, what grabs them and what doesn’t.

They can refine and calibrate these methods as they can see whats happening and analyze it. However on a website; traditionally you can’t see that (or the visibility is limited), which has always posed a problem.

We are now using various emerging platforms that answer this problem and I would advise you to look into such solutions. There are various platforms out there that do a number of things that basically act as an extension to solutions like Google Analytics; which show you where users are focusing on your pages, where they are clicking, where they scroll, how they flow through, where they come from, where they leave; in a visual format.

Some also show you how they are interacting and what messages they are posting in real-time and in aggregate; which is useful for social sites or sites that are socially integrated.

Have a look at stuff like seeVolution. You’ll need to understand it, know what it’s output means and how to correctly interpret it (which is a skill in its own right). Like I said at the start its the natural extension to SEO, so I thought I would highlight it.