How often should I submit articles to Ezine and others


I believe that submitting articles to Ezine and other popular article directories is a good way to increase traffic.

I like to know how often should I do that?

  1. Once a week
  2. Twice a week
  3. 7 times a week

Of course, I am talking about fresh articles that I never submit them to my site or blog.

Please tell me what option should I do?


In Ezine I consider one a week is good enough !!!

2-3 articles per week is ok.

How do you pronounce it? E-zine?

Also, how does EZine work? Is it worth it to post my articles there? Will it keep people from coming to my site and reading them?

Once in a week is best option even if you have a premium account with them. Do not spam and keep on topic that will bring visitors.

You should have to read the guidelines first of all because different sites have different rules of posting an article.

If you have unique content, submit it each time. Only once to each site of course.

I would be careful. You may be “spinning your wheels”. Check your traffic reports as well as how many google searches are bringing traffic to your site before and after.

I post as many as I have time for. Most of the time it’s about one article per day.

For the most part, I do an article every other day. However, there are times when I’ll get into a writing groove. I can sit down and hammer out five articles one right after the other without wanting to stop. Instead of sitting on the articles for a few days or a week, I’ll go ahead and submit them all to ezinearticles.

It takes about a day and half for our articles to get posted on the site. So I like to have a similar time table for submitting articles. The more articles you submit the better, but I also believe it is important to spread them out.

For example, it is better to submit 10 articles over two weeks than do 10 articles once and not submit anything new for a month. This way you get ongoing traffic instead of little bursts.

If you are serious about your website and want to bring in traffic then you need to write more than one article per week.

For example I go on one month and off another month where my on month I write 5 articles per day and my off month I write just 2 per day. This is what I have been doing for a while and my sites shoot up the rankings and get traffic from a lot of directories.

Putting your article on your site is a good thing to do, it just brings in more traffic.

I usually submit articles to Ezine 2-3 per day. Goarticles allows 10 per day.

If you are using Unique Content only, then Ezine is the best way to promote your Articles…

Even If you are Platinum Author, you can submit n number of Articles per day…(No Limitations)

I think one a week is OK

as often as you can if your content is unique and fresh there is no limit i guess ezine has some daily limit i think u need to check that

One new article once a week is enough.

Hello friends,

I think submit 1 article once a week, but ine thing should be remembered that the article content should not be duplicate, it should be unique and up to date.
Ezine is the best article directory to give traffic to your website. Try to submit unique and fresh content everytime.


I like to submit a unique article once a week and a press release every month or so

I think you understand more about this. I have to keep my website content fresh, no duplicate so I don’t use articles that I post on Ezine or others to my sites.

Thanks again.