How often a user clicks on the banner/text ads displayed on a site?

I am wondering how often a user clicks on the banner/text ads displayed on a site?

Most of the time text ads mention website name and users just copy paste on the new tab.

Then what’s the purpose of having those ads on our site ?

yes it’s right most time vivitor did copy past of link, So i preffer you to make banner ads

I’m always amazed at the number of people who do click on ads on my site. I would be surprised if that many people can be bothered to copy and paste the website URL rather than just clicking on it … why do you think that is happening?

Just check the CTR for your ad units and this may give you an idea about how many people click on an ad as an average. Also having lower click rate doesn’t always mean that people usually copy paste the url from ads but may be that the irrelevant ads are displayed due to the low quality of the contents.

Most of the major ad networks let you assign a code to each of your ads (or each type of ad), so that you can keep track of what’s getting clicked.

But don’t expect to see any revelations. I’ve had periods of several months where almost nobody has clicked a banner, but thousands of people clicked on the text ads. Then, without any action on my part, the situation got reversed. I’ve also seen huge variations between different sites.

I suppose it all comes down to which advertisers are active in a given market at any given time, how much they are willing to bid for ads, and whether they prefer text, graphics or whatever.


CTR increases as the ads are more context-sensitive. I think google adsense is the best CTR giving. Chitika as well for many niches.

Hmm, Steve I think a normal user would not really do copy and paste the website url from the banner ads. The people that would do that thing was the persons that really wants to analyze something or what out of that banner. anujgarg idea is not from a normal user. :slight_smile:

if the link display the content interested me or somehow associate to the better performance of my work, then, i will click it. honestly, it may not for buying, usually, i click only for the info purpose.

if that google ads then mostly 2% (thats normal) and if not google ads/company ads then 4-5%.reason people know about google ads and they can detect that by “ads by google” watermark.

Clickthrough rates for AdSense vary a lot depending on the site & content but usually it’s in the range of 1-3%, I’ve found.