How NASA Might Build Its Very First Warp Drive

I don’t know about you, but while reading this my jaw dropped;

Interesting. I hope they won’t take too long to get from theory to practice. Would love to see an interstellar voyage.

Well it is called the “One Hundred Year Starship Project” so I’m not sure if we’ll be so lucky. Trust me, I got really depressed when I read that. I hope our smallies get to see it though.

Oh, man it’s finally happening! We’re getting of this rock! :smiley: Well, maybe not yet but you know… soon I hope. Thanks for sharing the article! Good stuff.

Its very much interesting topic NASA is the most Famous Research center … Latest news is “now NASA is going to use cloud computing Technology also” that’s today’s news :slight_smile:


This is an awesome article! Thanks for sharing it. I think that it will not happen in my life, but it could happen within my Son or Daughters life.