How my site shows in Google


Any advise on how I get my site to show in google showing all the links underneath from my site map?

For example if you type in www.********.com how do you get the links underneath your web site description to show.


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Not 100% certain on this, but I think Google does that by itself for popular sites, by its own discretion. I don’t think you can make it happen yourself.

Ok I was told this before, but just wanted to check that it was right:)

As Ralph says, these “site links” are added automatically by Google for popular sites when it can figure out the most popular sections or pages. The only way you can influence it is by making your site more popular. They decide whether to add them and which ones to add.

Site links can also appear when searching for key words or phrases, they don’t only come up when someone has searched for the domain name itself.

does anybody know if there is a visitor or PR threshold for this to happen?

  1. These links should be on the home page
  2. These pages should be a lot of links
  3. Pages should be revalentny site theme
  4. Pages should be in the top 10 for your keywords

One thing you can try is to change the title description and put

www.***********.com | whatever your title is originally