How much would you charge?

So I normally have no problem quoting a web project. But this one seems real involved and graphics intensive, so I figured I’d ask what some experienced designers would charge. They basically want a lead capture site to sell franchisees like this one…

So what would you guys charge roughly?

It depends on the design part and background coding of web project… Let me know about how many pages are there?

When in doubt — charge on hour basis. I dont see anything extraordinary in this project, in fact there are no custom illustrations, just stock photos with minor adjustments, so i would probably charge on my usual basis — 10-16 hours home page, 2-3 hours per inner page (thats just for design) etc

I don’t think that site looks intensive at all; it’s a pretty low quality brochure site; so unless your clients have asked for something significantly higher quality than that, I’m not sure I would call it involved at all.

Also, one other point my firewall just threw a toolkit warning on that site. Might be that their site got infected, but it tripped a warning so anyone who visits, be aware.

Coding wise its not involved, it just has a lot more photoshopped images. Thanks though guys.

It even depends upon the quality of work they provide, i mean if a person has more experience in this work then i guess he would charge a bit extra from the fresh candidates and remember he even provides Extra Quality in your work !