How much to demand for a $0.80 revenue site

My site earn’s 0.89 with a 250+ unique visit…

What would be the best price to sell it?

Your site makes 0.89 per what? Per day? Per week? Per month? Per year?

What else can you offer? Is it likely to earn more in the future, and how much work would it need to get it up to date/etc? Do you have anything else juicy in there, like a custom built design or something? Do you have a customer list?

There’s heaps more to consider than just revenue.


I think raena’s questions were fair.


you can ask for 25-50 $ for this

.89 times 8-12.

So you can ask for between $7 and $11.

I heard it is .89 times 13. Is that not correct?