How much time would this have taken you?


I find it working with some one elses code is absolutely difficult. My client gave me a design script and a code script to merge. I did that to some extent and it was very hard to figure things out. Basically looking for all the codes that are relevant. More over no good documentation was provided by script author.

Now this has gone to even worse. Now My client gave me 2 independent scripts to integrate completely with the existing site. this is the original but it has been integrated into a different design


Both has completely different login module and different coding style. I’m an okay developer, and as far as I think this is not a one or 2 days job. It’s at least one week job as far as I’m concern. They have to merge completely and there will be no seperate login for the second link. IF you are login to the original system you should be able to get into it directly. I just want your opinion on this. How long this should be taking? I know you don’t have all the info to make an accurate statement but any approximate comment should help me too.

And if you have any suggestion for me that will help me accelerate the integration process that will be very very helpful.


First question to ask is are they using the same framework?
If not then that is a serious problem.
And if this is the case then better study the codes of both of them first, Before diving in.

As far as I know the jigowatt login system is you can buy it from
I think it is helpful to visit the site and find that item in there and look for the documentation.
Or email the author.

Thankfully they don’t use any php framewroks, just object oriented. But different style really. And they don’t have good documentations. I had to make my own and still working on it. :frowning: