How much time is needed to make money from a blog?

A simple question to all of you.How much time is needed to make money from a blog?It almost took a year for me to make money from my first blog through adsense.Whats about you guys?:rofl:

Mine still doesn’t make money :smiley:
But let me ask you some other interesting (IMO) questions: what did you do in that first year to make money through your blog? How long have you been making money with that blog now? And are we talking a couple of bucks, or real substantial income (in other words: is it worth the trouble)?

It depend on how how popular ur blog use affiliate, banners and other things and make your blog popular

it all depends, it can range between a month and years.
if you’re doing adsense then you need really good SEO
if you’re doing affiliate marketing you need SEO and good promotion

as I said, it all depends

Making money from your blog is completely depends upon the time and effort you giving towards your blog. In order to keeping the blog up to date, it is very essential to post latest content, which will create interest in the mind of visitors.

Then optimize your blog by posting blog comments and submitting it in relevant blog directories. When you get more and more visitors, there is a chance of getting better money from your blog.

to earn money from blogs these are important:

Best is mixing different networks.
Once you have a decent mark on these, you can start selling links via different ad networks or yourself.

my blog monetize with adsense and amazon
i starting earning in 1 week
and stabil income in 1 month

I think the average range is 6 months, after 6 months you can make money via a blog

Making money with blog it all depend on what you are doing? i have have one blog that I started and it made me money the very next day. but The average is about three weeks. The key to making money blogging is getting a ton of traffic to your blog. How hard are you willing to work to get people to take a look at your blog. Because the sales is not going to come and jump in your lap. Focus on driving traffic to your blog and have some great offers and the sales will come.

I started blogging just spit out what was going on in my mind about adsense, but I’m busy making money, I just want readers to think like me and want to create a blog original articles written by hand in a cleaning items that users are interested in discussing my interest in the various systems, such as the type of blog sites, social networks mt contributed to my strong network of a blog traffic increase over time, and after 6 months, I added a feeling of ads without any problem, and I click on the ads, so I have a lot of money just because I followed the path of natural resources and organic.

It is depend upon upon your blog content that how much it popular and attrect the visitors .

It depends on how long it takes you to get consistent traffic to your blog. SEO is the most common method and the length of time it takes for SEO depends on the competition.

My blog earns cash with google adsense.

That would depend on the blog that you have. If your blog is able to get an immediate foothold and get a lot of viewers, then you can expect the ad offers to come in rather quickly.

if you feel that your blog is ready to make money online then do it. for me when i feel its ready started to make my blog earn online with using adsense.

yes I agree with you, it’s depend how smart your work and the strategy to promote your blog

I think if you do an adsense site. drive more traffic is important.

It is not an easy process…It really requires a very huge time for making money from a blog…

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