How much space for s/m business email accounts?


I was wondering how much quota I should give to a single email account for a small to medium business? I dont think there would be more than 30 emails coming in each week.

How much should I set? would 1mb be enough?

Thanks for your advice guys (apologies this reply is a little late).

ldcdc, I am a little bit short on web hosting space, I think I might give clients a small ‘business-critical’ email address, and I’ll take a look at google apps to maybe give them the option of a multimedia email.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I’d trust google for business critical over myself any day of the week . . .

would 1mb be enough?

Are you that short on space? I was thinking more like 100MB. Keep in mind that people these days are used to the huge/limitless email accounts that are given for free by the likes of Google,Yahoo etc.

wwb_99’s right though. Go for Google Apps, and save yourself the trouble. :slight_smile:

I’d get over on google apps and let them worry about space. Really no reason to do this stuff yourself anymore.

My experience is end users want to get whatever they want over email, including videos or MP3s and generally give you a “you killed my puppy” look when they can’t get at the email.


The email addresses will be used for small 2-5 man businesses, they should only be sending and recieving text emails ocassionally (perhaps 5 a day), not mp3 or video files, but maybe recieving personal email too (from amazon/ebay etc).

depends on the type of business it is, the amount of people that work there, the type of messages that are expected to be sent around, …

But 1MB is far from enough when you can attach documents of sizes of 10MB to single emails, and people do that and try even sending bigger files.

Also think of all the spam that would arrive - even if the email is nowhere published - not sure how a good anti-spam filter on your server might help reduce the amount needed.

I’d say you’d need at least 20MB per email account - is it just one, or do you need multiple, e.g. for different people in the business, for different uses, … - and then you’d have to ask (or even help) the person to use Outlook/Thunderbird/another email client to set it to “delete messages on server after 14 days” or so.