How much should I charge my users each month?

What is a good way to determine what to charge each month for my website content. I was thinking of a two plans to offer:

Silver - For two upgraded features than what is offered in the free account.

Gold - For three more features than what is offered in the Silver account.

Looking at other websites in my industry, some of which charge $20 per month, I was thinking of about $5 for the silver plan and $10 for the gold.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Support, features, storage, and bandwidth are the primary considerations.

Then, for the reseller account, take a look at how many users can you have (or are willing to support), and estimate the cost of what an individual account would be for you. Then, make sure the price covers your cost and enough to make a profit.

I must clarify. My website,, is a website that has useful content people are willing to pay for. These are home health remedies using natural essential oils (plant extracts).

Oh, I see. I thought you were looking to provide website hosting services.

What you’re looking to do is charge a membership fee?