How much should i charge for Webhosting + Webmaster?

Hi, so i develop a software with my 2 partners for a big company, it took us almost 3 months to finish the work and we charge almost 20k USD for the whole service.
Now they need a webhosting(to host the software online, is more like a webapp) and also they will like to hire a webmaster and i will need to provide web security, server, software and design.
i was planning to hire a dedicated server for them and resell a big higher but in the case of webmaster i’m not sure how much o ask, they want a monthly plan not hourly.


The first question to ask is whether they actually need a dedicated server, or something smaller - a shared hosting plan with a good web host is often good for starters/low traffic, or even a VPS.

Either way if you’re providing ongoing maintenance and support you need to factor in:

  1. The cost of the hosting (plus a bit of markup as your profit)
  2. Time each month for hosting maintenance/support (at your hourly rate)
  3. Time each month for web site maintenance/support (at your hourly rate)

Typically a monthly support plan may consist of something like hosting, 2 hours support, and say up to 8 hours web site development, for a fixed fee. Any extra hours outside that time might be billable at your normal hourly rate.

I’d suggest you need to weigh up everything they need and formulate a package based on that.

Thanks for your reply, they don’t want a shared hosting(they don’t need a dedicated one but they want the dedicated one anyway). it cost me something around 150 USD per month i was planning to resell it in 200.
and for webmaster they one at least 1-2 hours daily to make a backup everyday and to check if the users upload the request information.
i don’t i was planning to charge 1,200 USD monthly in an all inclusive package not sure if it is fair or i am to costly(my hour is at 50 USD).

Sounds fine to me, $50/hour seems ok. Many developers probably charge nearer $100/hour for general work but it’s fair to offer a discounted rate for ongoing work like this.

The “every day” requirement sounds like a potential problem.
What if unforeseen circumstances prevent doing the work.

IMHO the backups should be done with CRON

I don’t know what “check if the users upload the request information” entails, but if you can script that I think doing so would be better too.

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I have to agree with @bluedreamer’s advice. 50 bucks seems competitive enough. And considering the fact that this is an ongoing project, then it’s just fitting that you charge a much lower rate compared to the standard rate that is usually asked by most web developers today. Add to the fact that you are working 1-2 hours, then the rate is fine at least…:slight_smile:

yup, doing a calculation i estimated around 55 up to 60 hours per month, 1200 USD - 150 USD from web hosting is 1050 USD so thats about 17.5 an hour.
Maybe i can up the price to a maximum of 1500 USD, but im pretty sure i won’t spend 2 hours daily.
as @Mittineague said i will use CRON and i can make an script there to do the back up automatically, so basically i will just check everything is good and the inform that the employe upload. Im pretty sure i will spend something around 45 to 60 min a day.

And taking in count that in my country the minimum salary is 500 USD and for software engineer is 1500 USD(full time) it isnt that bad at all

P.s: sorry for my english

Don’t forget to take into account the management of the web hosting if you are going VPS or dedicated. Otherwise, you are just setting a time bomb for explosion down the line.

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