How much for a Complete Customizable CMS?

How much would you pay for a Complete Customizable CMS?

The right price for the right product would be my answer. It not necessarily the price you pay for the software that matters (whether “free” or not) but more the flexibility and development time that’s needed.

There are a number of free options to try out before needing to resort to the paid stuff.

It’s been my experience that finding a great CMS package isn’t the hard part.

Once you find your CMS solution there’s a learning curve and then once you know what you’re doing you have to actually do the doing to customize and build the site.

I always provide a completed CMS.

how much I charge depends on how many and what features the client required for their CMS.

How long is a piece of string?

A CMS can mean a million different things with a million different features and a million different layers of security (or lack of).

Your question has no answer.