How much dows it cost more with wondows servers?


I would like to know how much does it cost more in windows servers over linux server taking into account all cost stuff: databases, disk space, memory,etc?



All depends on what you need exactly. Web Hosts have to pay Microsoft a licensing fee for Windows licenses (the amount depends on if it is a fully managed server with customers applications on it or not) as well as for SQL Server/MS Exchange licenses. Which can be quite substantial in a multi-processor server. How much is then passed on to the end user again varies based on how many customers they place per server.


That’s a GREAT answer from Karl - who KNOWS about servers!

As for me, though, the M$ manner of $$$ every two to three years is trumped by the Open Source of the Apache, PHP, Mysql trio which, IMHO, also provide better software for servers.

WHY were you looking at M$ or was this a general question about the price differential?



It’s not quite as bad for hosts, as we pay every month for our licenses. Although the new MS Outsourced licensing is a bit of a joke and actually makes it fantastically expensive if it’s a fully managed setup where you manage the customers own applications for them as well.

Windows OS costs maybe 5% on average more than Linux. There is a premium for Windows because of licensing issues and Linux doesn’t have the additional cost because it is open source and free.

Well don’t forget that not all Linux distributions are free, there’s Redhat, SuSE etc. and some actually work out costing more than Windows does. These days unless you’re wanting large SQL databases or lots of MS Exchange mail boxes you find very little difference in price, it’s usually accounted for by putting a small number of extra customers on the system - soon balances it out.