How much does my website cost?

Hi all,

I am a student of ICT and web dev. I have developed a website for the restaurant i work in at weekends. Its nearly finished now, and i am thinking how much i should charge them.

The website starts with an index page that is the picture of the restaurant (no info on this page) then you click “Enter” and it takes you to the home page. There are 6 main pages (Home, Menus, Reservations, Feedbacks, Contact us and Pictures). Plus that index page, and a “Privacy Policy” page, it makes 8 pages altogether.

They didnt provide me any graphics. I had to take a picture of the restaurant myself, that is now used as background. I needed another background for the Pictures page so i got an italian landscape off Flickr. All titles are images. There are also other minor pictures such as the logo, a funny picture to fill a white space and a map that is a link to google maps.

I personally wrote all the texts, and coded everything with HTML 4 and CSS 2. In the reservations page, the details of the reservation are sent to the manager’s email (no database required). Same for the feedbacks page.

I am trying to do some SEO now - I am pretty sure the website will end up in the first page of results if you look up “Italian restaurant” or “Restaurant newcastle” etc.

I know its difficult to assess, but how much does a website of this range cost???

As a first time developer it’s always too easy to undercharge!

Rather than go in with a fixed price, ask the right questions to find out what they can afford first.

Be honest and upfront and ask them what their budget is to complete the project, and you’ll often be surprised at the answer.

Best of luck.

That’s one way: asking the budget and from there it’s easy, but you do not want to go too close to their upper limits…
Another way would be to ask for a rather bigger price so that you’ll have where to cut from, if they do not specify any budget.
Good luck. :wink:

You’re going to tell them how much it costs at the end? That’s really something you should’ve done at the start. What are you going to do if they say you’re asking too much?

erm… i am a STUDENT!!! I had to do this project anyway, for my work based learning. My parents know very well the owner of the restaurants and are (more or less!) friends! So… its a family thing really hehehe. i guess i ll just ask her what her opinion is and then let her decide… unless she goes under a certain limit.

TO get a rough idea of what of one of these things costs to develop go on a freelancer website and see what others with similar skills doing similar projects are charging there.
You could check the per hour charge and based on time spent work out the charge.

A good way possibly to tell if you are being paid way below market.

Did you mention that you expected to get paid for this website BEFORE you began to work on it?