How Much Does It Cost to Build a Bootstrap Website?

I would like to develop a bootstrap website for my company. I did specific research on the bootstrap website development and prices. How much does it cost to build a bootstrap? Since I approached a company and they told you can get a website at Rs. 8000 ($121). Kindly anyone advice this price is good for building a website? My website will contains approximately 15 to 20 static pages…

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That really isn’t a question that anybody here can answer, because there are too many factors to take into account. Rs. 8000 might be a reasonable price where you are, but $121 would most certainly not get you a 15-page site in the US or Europe. You’d be lucky to get one page for that, I would think.

Price will also vary according to your content and the complexity of the design; whether or not all the pages use the same basic layout and other factors.

Your best course of action would be to request quotations from two or three other firms in your location, and see what they say.

I guess it would be cheaper, if you buy a website template based on an easy-to-manage CMS, Wordpress for example. If you’re not able to customize the template yourself, then you can pay to some web dev, who will make it for you in nothing flat and for little money.
$121 is too low price for a unique and well-designed website, so I guess this company will just buy some template and customize it. So why won’t you do it yourself?

Can you explain why you particularly want a website using Bootstrap?


The cost may vary with lots of factors, like quality of the content on your pages, your design needs etc. In some cases the websites with only 5-6 quality and well design pages may cost much higher than others with more than 20 pages.
It is not possible to find cost of a website only from number of pages on it. You may ask for a quote from companies online. You may search other website with design similar to your need and use that website as an example, to get an estimate about cost of your website.

Why and how would the cost of developing a website depend on the quality of the content, and how do you measure the quality?

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