How Much Does A Coder Get Per Week on Average? ($$$)

I am looking forward to becoming a coder when I am legal to get a job how much does a normal coder that is running his/her own business by offering their own service of coding around $50-$90 per hour? And, has two employees (they do stuff, not code and definitely not slaves that would be illegal) that both have a salary of $15 an hour (will I get the profit of money I pre-made my website as $50 - basic, $60 - advanced, and $90 - PRO all of these is per 1 hour).

I know this is probably a hard question.

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It’s an impossible question to answer as there are too many factors (not to mention legalities in discussing them).

A lot comes down to reputation, skill and professionalism. Those with a reputation for doing a good, quality job in a reasonable time frame can charge more than those just starting out who haven’t found their niche yet. Then there are factors of skills and knowledge with integrating with existing technologies.

But it also comes down to what you feel your time is worth, and what the local market can support. A small market can’t support the costs that a major metropolitan area can, and the technology stack can be a factor in the area as well.

If you’re paying others, that opens a whole other ball of wax for legality sake. Taxes, etc not to mention liability.


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