How much do Google Sponsored Links cost?

How much do the Google Sponsored Links (not the adwords, but the higher priced sponsored links highlighted in blue) cost?

I’m pretty sure it varies according to keyword, but what’s like the minimum fee to expect?

Expect several thousand US$ per month, probably like 10K

I always wondered how one would go about getting one of those.

…could someone fill me on on what this is? :bawling:

Here you go, I asked, and found out the answer to, this very same question.

Seems they ARE Adwords!

Yep. Essentially they are adwords with a high CTR.

yes, i’ve heard from a few people who have gotten their ads placed up there. they are through adwords but i haven’t been able to find anyone who has gotten their ads up there for an extended period of time.

So it’s the adsense that shows up on Mapquest etc.?

I have had ads placed there. If you pay enough for the click and the CTR is good…you will get promoted to those spots. It it extremly hit and miss though and there is no way to guarantee that place. It is all down to how much will pay for a click and your CTR compared to your competitors CTR.


I have a site that gets there for a week or two each month using just Adwords. My cpc is rather low but CTR is ok. It actually surprised me because CTR isn’t really that high. The others must be very low.

It only stays up for a a couple weeks because I reach my limit quickly from being up there. When the site starts converting more I’ll be able to up my limit.

For those of you who have had their ads placed in this premiere position, how significant was the traffic boost (if there was any)?

If you can justify the cost to get there for the added conversion then it may be worth it. I have found that my ideal position is 2-3 places down on the right. The cost per click is low and the conversion reasonably high. When I bought my way to the top I got more conversion but considerably increased costs.

If you find the majic formular, I am in :slight_smile: