How much could i offer to have a site like this one?

A nonprofit organization motivating young people to study to unlocking their potentials by way of organizing and running event participations, say a programming exam contest for students while non-but interested people out there could join attracting them through benefits of events.
All replies much appreciated in advance!

That’s rather like asking “how long is a piece of string?”, as it depends on many factors.

What is a reasonable price in one country may seem very cheap or very expensive in another, so your location is the first factor.

It also depends on exactly what you want the site to do. Judging by your other topics, you’re envisaging something very complex, which is not going to be cheap to build. If funds are limited, you might be better looking at a simplified design to get started, and add more sophisticated features later, when more funds are available. For example, a simple site which just provides information and allows people to enter competitions by email, post, file upload with a simple form, etc. shouldn’t be too expensive. You might be able to do most or all of it yourself. Once you start getting into more interactive stuff, it gets more complex and the price will increase accordingly.

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You have a nice idea to help young people in building their career. As our respected moderator has given the good answer which may clear you that it depends on your vision and current situation. Although here I have one tool that will help you estimate the cost of building any kind of website with any kind of feature at any kind of situation.

You can try it out:

Hope it will work for you.

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