How much can my website earn?

I’m not a professional webmaster. I have a website as a hobby. My website is starting to get a little bit popular I think, so I’m wondering about how to earn some money with it. Right now I have Adsense on it, but it’s really not earning much of anything. Here are the stats from September. If you have any ideas of how much this site could earn and/or how to accomplish it, I’m all ears.


Analyzed requests from Mon, Sep 01 2008 at 12:42 AM to Wed, Oct 01 2008 at 12:58 AM (30.01 days).

Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period ending Oct 01 2008 at 3:39 AM.

Successful requests: 4,446,552 (942,084)
Average successful requests per day: 148,163 (134,583)
Successful requests for pages: 2,635,119 (605,238)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 87,804 (86,462)
Failed requests: 11,277 (403)
Redirected requests: 23,163 (853)
Distinct files requested: 738,674 (60,123)
Distinct hosts served: 91,352 (5,755)
Data transferred: 19.66 gigabytes (5.17 gigabytes)
Average data transferred per day: 670.71 megabytes (757.02 megabytes)

Largely dependant on your audience, but …

  1. Sell advertising direct, or experiment with other networks
  2. Sell a product directly to you customers
  3. Carry affiliate product offers related to your site (Commission Junction, ClickBank, etc)
  4. Offer a paid subscription service with no ads / exclusive content / features etc.

What’s the website?

What is your website about?

It is great that your website is getting popular… If you want to arn money other then adsense then you have to promote your website to increase traffic and earn money…

Thank you Chris for the ideas. The website is a education based website providing reference and tools for a particular subject area. The stats are for the main domain that provides the main content. I have a few subdomains as well. Including forums.

I guess revenue can be highly variable, but based on the stats posted above, what would you estimate I can expect to earn with the site?

How many pageviews and unique visitors do you receive? I could probably give an estimate if you provided that.

Absolutely. It’s not straightforward but I know people with far less traffic than that earning decent money.

Maybe you can sign up as an affiliate program that is related to your subject matter and promote the product/service on your website

It really depends; Between ad placement, traffic locations (international?), advertisers/affiliate programs used, etc.

Try to integrate your ads well in a visible but not annoying area. Test around and find what niche of ads works best for your site.

Pageviews for last month: 2,635,119 (87,837/day)
Unique IPs for last month: 91,352 (3,045/day)

Traffic locations:
US 75%
Mexico 3%
UK 2%
Spain 2%
The rest of the countries have less than 1% each

That’s a lot of pageviews per user. If the pageviews are accurate (2,635,119/month) with a CPM of 1 (which is really low) you could make $2700/month. Based on your visitors of 91,000/month you should be able to make at least $900/month. Obviously, the real answer is: it depends.

Adsense is usually the easiest but least paying method of monetization. Try to think of affiliate offers that might be of interest to your users and try changing up the ads. You’d be surprised what a little split testing can reveal.

It directly depend on your site visitors. Much viitors and advertising banner on right places will be the most success earner. Also get visitors who find your site contents. Don’t try to get just visitors.

With 87k+ pages served on average per day, I believe you should be able to make anywhere from $1 to $5 thousand per month or so, depending on the number of unique visitors as well as the specific niche market that your website covers.

I have try’d and try’d to make a good niche i try’d movies websites,intercative websites,games website wich i work now…but none of them dont work…is right i dont make SEO,but if someone know some metods or some good steps for good website SEO please help,maibe i’m not the only one in this situation.Thank you so much for those who help!

P.S. Sorry for my bad english!:slight_smile:

MAN, you can make at least 10K per month with that traffic!

Forget adsense and all the advertisers. I suggest you redirect all your traffic to just one page - squeeze page. Give a free ebook for those people to subscribe.

You could get 1000 subscribers daily - easily. And that means about 30K people over a period of one month. You can retire in a year with that :smiley:

Ok, so when you get them on your list. Send a few first messages with great free content. Then, on the 4th message or so, offer them an ebook, the paid one (charge anywhere between $7-$15), packed with great content. The following 3-4 messages - free valuable content.

If you did a good job on the first 2 ebooks (the free one and the paid one), you can sell your next ebook for at least $17. So with a sequence of just 15 email messages, you will make at least a few thousands per month on autopilot.

Add a couple of broadcasted messages with a recommendation for a specific product, and you easily reach 10K per month.

This requires a few major changes to what you have now, but if money is your goal, then this is the way to go. If you work on it full time, you can get it done in less than one week.

Hope this helps.