How much can I expect per month

I have a cooking site in local language. I have daily 1000 page views and 50% bounce rate.

I have never tried adSense and I have no idea what can I expect. I know it differs a lot, but please just give me some idea. Is that I can expect about $5 per month, $50, $200, …?


If you develope your site, increase your traffic and deliver good quality content you might could live from AdSense earnings one day. With 30k PIs you might could cover your hosting costs, maybe more.

You could expect about $150 per month.

You can expect $200 per month, which country traffic you get. if more than half from usa then expect $300 per month

There is possibility to earn more in a month. All subject to effort that you put in. I used to have a site but I earn only $8 per year. haiz… poor thing. I has yet master the skills of Internet Marketing that’s why I still earn nothing from Google Adsense :smiley: