How much a Facebook Fanpage worth? Any Idea?

Hi ya all,

I have a Facebook Fan page around 40’000 loyal Fans.
It is a city name in Europe (like London, Paris, Berlin, etc.)

The city council has about 1500 Fans :slight_smile:
They want my Fan pages from me and I said NO!
But they making a pressure on me (lightly) and they asked me to sell them. Leave whole control to them.

So, any idea how much does it worth?
How much they must pay me?

I have no idea and first time in my life to earn money from Internet…

Thank you for your suggestions.


There is no real value or figure that can be estimated for a facebook fan page. There is not much of scale really.

A better way to think of it is how much this fan page means to you? If you want to put a price for it that you would feel comfortable with.

Besides, how come you have a successful fan page with lots of fans and you’re not earning any money online? What’s the objective of those fans anyway if they are not generating for you any profit.

To answer your question, the value of a facebook fan page is estimated based on the profits that you are making from it.
Many will argue with me now on this topic, so use your judgement in that.

All the Best!

Your page is much more valuable to the local government than it would be to someone trying to promote something to those people, so you have a lot of leverage.

Is it a big city like one of those you mentioned? Some European countries are stretched so thin that they may not have a budget for something like that.

Depending on the city, I would start out asking for $9-10k USD and be happy with 2 if it comes to that. This may be too much, but governments are notorious for misjudging the value of things like this.

You should find ways of monetizing the Fans.If you have a website then you can post the links to your blogs or articles and redirect your fans there.

If your 40,000 fans are loyal then you can sale your fan page to the council within 250-500 USD.

Is it legal to sell a Facebook fan page? Surely it belongs to Facebook, not the user. Have you checked their TOS?

I don’t think its legal, but i know of a guy who just sold 5 tattoo pages. Which had about 5 million likes overall, maybe its in the facebook terms and agreements. To the internet!

Edit : its not classed as illegal but is against Facebooks Tos.

Thanks for clarifying that. In which case, I think we should probably end the discussion here. We don’t want to be thought to be encouraging members to go against the TOS of another site.