How Many Times Per Day

how many times per day would you suggest a new site submits to forums, blogs and directories? and for a video site is it better to submit video links also to create deep linking?

Spending only a day or two on looking for sites to exchange links with you might be fortunate enough to find say one a week.

If you instead spend your time on creating top class content then the people who prefer to spend their time finding link partners will be contacting you.

I spend no time at all on searching for link partners and a half hour or so a week replying to requests to exchange links (most of which I reject as irrelevant) and I end up with more meaningful links than if I were the one doing the searching. The rest of my time is spent on more important things like writing extra content.

Personally I believe it’s whatever you can do… the official word is (from Google) you can’t be harmed by the number of links pointing to you or how quickly you build them… because Google or anyone else can’t control who’s linking to you. A competitor could go out and sabotage you by getting massive numbers of links from bad neighborhoods… that wouldn’t be fair and they know that.

But then, there could be exceptions that I don’t know about… maybe there are ways to detect if YOU are the one getting all those links for example and certain patterns are flagged.

I haven’t ever personally had an experience of being sandboxed because of link building… I’m always focused on variety. In other words, I don’t go out and get 100s or 1000s of the same kind of link in one day. I use a variety of methods and don’t mass build. My overall strategies don’t require it…

Good Luck!!

Generally I whole day maintain the SEO process. There are no such specific duration of this process.

Forums are also a part of off-page optimization but don’t post thread in them like a spammer. Try to use it genuinely

Here here ! Don’t waste your time with links that mean nothing. It takes a while building quality links buts it pays excellent dividends and you’ll get much more market knowledge if you research the right areas.

depends on your working capabilities .

make it alternatively, don’t make spamming. it will make your site penalize,

I agree with what offshoreallyonly says here, in particular article marketing. I’ve been successful in getting some backlinks for articles I’ve submitted to sites such as

Forums are great for learn and helping others. It’s also a great way to research your field and incorporate it into your website. If you see there’s a hot topic that keeps coming up that is relevant to your industry, maybe you can write about it and offer solutions.

For example, how about writing a great article on this very topic? Creating backlinks via Article submission,bookmarking and directory submission strategies.

If it’s a really great article, people will inclined to link to it and you can possibly generate not only quality backlinks but targeted leads.

Good luck!

You submit a link request to another site whenever you find a site that is worth linking to. If you dedicate say 80 hours a week to searching for such sites then you might find a handful to ask for links each week.

You’d be more likely to get the links though if you spent the time producing quality content rather than chasing links.

well said forum and blog are not the place for spam or submit your links it’s for discussion only.If you want to submit you links try SEO technique like Article submission,bookmarking and directory submission etc…:rofl:

that’s half the time available in a week, sure you can spent that time more efficiently. I’d say at most a day or two per week at the beginning, and then set up a few Google Alerts to monitor new sites related to the specific niche.

I am not sure, how do people accept the jobs with titles like “I need 10,000 back links”.
I don’t know what do the contractors do, and how does the employer pay?

Many times, the job sites are polluted with similar openings.

You might mean to post a link of yours to other’s forums, about your products with a deep link. How many of them can you do in a day, manually?

10 really good posts in a week may be better - and keep the pace for several months.

what you have in mind sounds an awful lot like spamming, i.e. you don’t submit your site to forums and blogs, and that should be avoided at any time of the day.