How many times can i get backlinks from same website?

My website have more than 30 internal pages.can i post 30 internal pages to same website for getting backlink? how does it work?

[font=calibri]If the links are relevant to the site/page that you are putting them on then by all means go for them. Google will not penalise you for obtaining links from relevant pages where there is evident reason for doing so.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to just splatter 30 links to the various pages on your site onto any other website that will take them just because you can, that’s called spam and Google will treat the links as such. If Google sees excessive linking from one site to another, for no obvious reason, it is likely to become suspicious … but what determines what is “excessive” will vary according to the context, there is no hard-and-fast rule.[/font]

Hi, I’m new to this forum.

Just a question. So I worked on a website with over 2000 pages and in each page in the footer, there’s a link to my main website. Will Google consider that spam? Or should it help towards my main website ranking?


Hi BlabBen, and welcome. :slight_smile:

As far as I know, Google understands that web design/development companies often insert a footer link, and wouldn’t regard one link per page as Spam. On the other hand, it won’t do you much good, either, as search engines give little weight to links which you can easily place yourself, such as these.

It’s probably more use as advertising/bringing traffic than as a backlink for SEO purposes.

I see… I was placing footers in all pages for SEO purposes mostly. Which links are given alot of weight then?

Those which you obtain because somebody has seen the worth and relevance of your site and chosen to link to you. Not easy to come by.

Think at the forum posts effect. Each community has this option and some members have thousands of posts. Is that negative or positive for them?

If you are going to advertise on a cheap place forget it. Just don’t do it! You will harm your site.

As far as I know footer links is something that Google is not so in love about. Unless you have landing pages for different cities/locations.