How many time do you check your adsense earnings

i my self check my adsense earnings every 30 minutes. i think i will lose my mind soon.what about you , i heard that there are morons check their cents every 5 minutes.

I check it once per quarter when estimating taxes.

Good start of a thread :slight_smile: Especially for the one advertising adsense site :slight_smile:
Sorry, could not keep from commenting.

Actually, such behavior would be usual for beginners who are too anxious or not confident about the business.

I check it weekly as I am not getting much money now a days.

Once in a two months or so.

Only when a cheque comes through the letterbox

Once every 24 hrs.

once a day

I used to check a few times a day when i first begun using adsense – then it became a couple a week, now I check once or twice a month just to see if anything looks abnormal/unexpected.

i use a small app to check my adsense earnings.

From my experience, the less you make, the more frequently you check :slight_smile: Now I don`t even use AdSense, but I check my PayPal and other stats about once per month.

once a month, i prefer let the earnings grow before i check, it is better

I check it weekly once…I guess by that time it must have stretch to $100 :wink:

I check once a week. Why would I check more frequently? It’s only procrastination, besides weekly results are a good indicator of any changes.

two one day

Every 30min really? For how long have you been doing that? Each time you check it will take a small amount of time and that’s going to cost you in the long run :stuck_out_tongue: Do your sites generate a constant change of revenue very many times throughout the day?

I was checking mine once a day because earnings were rather slow for adsense.