How many soft bounces before marking an email as bouncing?

Currently I check to see if an email has received 2 bounces in the last 5 to 30 days. But maybe this isn’t a good gauge. What does everyone else do? How many soft bounces do you wait for before marking them as bouncing?

I guess this only applies to people like me who do NOT use the big emailing companies like ConstantContact, who take care of these types of details automatically.

(Disclaimer: I don’t email market.)

If it’s bounced twice in the span of 30 days, i’d drop it. The user obviously either doesn’t check their mail, or has a mail server that thinks your mail is spam and is blocking it at the server level.

How big is the mail? Does it read or look like spam?

I guess it depends on how much you send in what time frame but for monthly newsletters, the company I work for typically checks for 3 bounces before tossing it. This is a bit lax compared to others, but if we were sending a daily email, 3 bounces in 3 days might be a bit much. Sometimes an email bounce can be due to some other service being out so 3 bounces in a a month period or such might be reasonable.

2-3 bounces in a 30 day period seems reasonable to me.

30 days might be sufficient for assuming the email account is not working but I think the question is not just how many but also the period of time. There was a time when I was unable to receive messages due to technical problems but I wanted to. I forget the length of time but it caused problems. My bank stopped sending me alerts and by the time I realized it I had missed some important alerts.

If an email has received 3 bounces in the last 30 days than I will mark them as bouncing. This is because the user doesn’t check their mails or may be his email is not working.