How many sales per day do you think amazon averages?

The person who processes (packages/ships/etc.) online orders for the company I work for was talking about how difficult it becomes during Christmas when several more orders are to be processed. Just made me wonder how it must be like over at the biggest e-commerce website I know of.

Here is an article about the average sale of amazon hope this will help

You can download financials here:

They had just over $8 billion in gross sales last year (2007). I’m not sure what their average order value is but some say it’s around $54.

Using that data they do roughly 400,000 orders a day. That number’s probably a little high, because I’m sure Amazon’s other service offerings are included in their gross sales numbers. It’s probably closer to 250-300k orders a day.

Still, it’s a LOT.


I heard from a guy who works at Amazon’s milton keynes, UK warehouse, they get about 50K orders per day :stuck_out_tongue: