How many on-site visit per project?

Hi guys, I’m in another situation now that a client of mine keep asking me to go to his office for meeting and talk about his project. But I only quote him 3k for the job, except the time I work on the project, I already visited his place for over 6 times. Everytime it take about 3-4 hours including the travel time.

And he still asking me to go again, he is a nice client, so I don’t want tell him its. It worth for me to go again. He doesn’t want to do gotomeeting or talk on the phone. So this. Becomes an issue.

Should I charge extra for each additional visits? Any ideas?

Thanks again

6 on-site visits for a small project is excessive!

If you are offering fixed price projects, you should state how many on site consultations are included in the price. For example when you break down the project stages, say stuff like ‘This stage includes optional on-site consultation to discuss the design concepts we created’. Then make sure your project terms include a bit about anything not specified in this spec is subject to charge at our standard hourly rate - and additional on site consultations are charged at £xx per hour including travel time.

So yes, you should charge for on site visits - some can be included in the fixed price, others as an optional extra. But try to point out how you feel certain visits may be unnecessary when a phone or video call would suffice. These things are definitely easier to deal with if you approach them head on during the initial sales process. It may be tricky to avoid it on this project, but you’ll be fine for the next if you build it into your sales pitch and contract - make it a positive, ‘Wow, we even visit you twice during the project process!’. Or just charge for projects hourly, no fixed fees.

You should travel charge to client to visit on his requirement.

Charging for visits doesn’t sound good in business relationship, where there is competition and you need client, if you have higher expectation from your clients then you should sacrifice a little.

There is one odd thing, I’m finding is why you need to visit their office, if things can be handled on phone, computer etc. this is different thing if you have to go with samples, any physical products then phone wouldn’t work here. If there is only communication then try to look for alternatives.

Clients love onsite time, yes. It makes them feel appreciated and well serviced. But, it’s usually not nearly as useful as it sounds. And, as clients become more experienced they’ll be less interested in spedning precious hours having you onsite. So, the bigger the client (and better) is the LESS onsite team you’ll need.

I have done well with a little rule of thumb that I use. Come up with visit per dollars approach. For example, if you are just starting out and you are hungry, maybe allow a site visit for each $1000 of revenue. After you climb the client ladder and have more sophisticated projects with more mature clients, maybe one site visit per 10k, etc.

In the end, site visits are usually for ‘feel god’ and not for productivity, but each client is different.