How many/long before it becomes pointless?

Hi guys,

Since I started my new job all I have really done is link build.

I feel like it’s a ridiculously stupid task. This decision is based on the fact that I appear to be doing link building every day and will be every day till the day I decide to move on. The thing is, the link building is for one website.

When does it start becoming a pointless task and when is enough links enough?

I’ve been looking around at similar website, not necessarily in the same market and web have a lot more links than them, as well as a lot, A LOT, more pages.

I think certain parties are under the impression that link building will get them to the top of google and this though it based on the fact that link building is all I’m really doing and all SEO tasks are this.

What are your thoughts guys?


my suggestion is to change tactic by time… do not build poor links and with that mass link building method but try to find strong and one way links… one good link is better that 1000’s of poor directories…

But, like someone said, linkbuilding is a marathon without a finish line… The point is, do you have good conversion rate and does that website make money. If it does, continue with that work :slight_smile:

What kind of link building? There are 8 different types of link acquisition to my knowledge, some more effective than others, what have you been doing?

Yeah when they automate the process and let you go :wink:

Yes, but link building to an extent becomes pointless when your all your links are reciprocal and from very poor PR sites.

There has to be a cut off point though… doesn’t there?

Link building is a never ending process. It’s a race and a marathon with no finish line. Keep building links and also consider being involved in onsite SEO.

Dear L4DD13, why don’t you quit for a while and see what happens to your rank? If it stays, well, good on you and maybe it is time to move on… I stopped for a while and not only the rank slipped down, I got back on it, and now I can’t seem to move it back.

SEO is an Ocean… And Link building is one of a technique in swimming. If you don’t swim in half a way then guess what will happen. Also the swimmer who is behind you may beat you too.

prepare to move on