How many internal links can I use in a single page?

I want to use internal links for my website? what is the maximum level for using internal links in a page?

There is no technical limit to the number of links you can put in a page.

I think you are talking about relative vs absolute links?

Example : (absolute)
or /mypage.html (relative)

An infinite number is the answer.

maybe he talks about “anchor link” ?

@cmsideas; Is there a maximum limit to those?

  • Please provide a link to Google or Max Cutts source if you know more about this.

For links to places within the same page you’d use as many as you need. If it was a glossary or similar then you might have approaching 30 such in page links. For most purposes you probably wouldn’t need anywhere near that many.

Use as many links as you want.
However be sure that user experience may suffer if you use too many links. So ask yourself how many links would be problematic for you when you’re browsing that site.

According to me you can use minimum 4 and maximum 10 internal links in a single page of your website. Less then 4 not looks good and more than 10 make your site complex. So try to add internal links between this criteria.

use as many links you want. there is no limit .

I use JavaScript to display over 3,000 links to internal pages, all above the fold :slight_smile: