How many Checkbox are associated to Select Multiple?

Hi all:

I start an application in PHP and SQL Server for a company car and I need some recommendations.

The application tracked him to the maintenance of the cars. On one side are the car brands (Ford, Chevrolet, etc.) with the relevant goods and associated services. A relationship many-to-many.

On the other hand, the executives (stage 1) enter the customer associated with their cars and the corresponding products and services. The customer goes to the mechanic who performs the action (step 2) and finally counter that the collection (step 3).

My main problem is how to link Client - Automobile - Services in the first form. Enter the name and telephone number after a multi-select will select the brand and asynchronously checkbox must be loaded in all services and check the corresponding to that mark.

I find it difficult to incorporate all the links on the form. Appreciate design recommendations database (customer table) and how to assemble the form. Maybe some of you made any similar application or know a reference.

Finally thank you in advance for the time can provide for review this post.

The relationships are:
One Customer can have multiple cars;
One Car can have multiple products and services.

Thus far you’ve described 4 seperate activities;

1: The Javascript in the page makes an AJAX call to a PHP script.
2: That PHP script takes the car make and compares it to a database list of recommended (?) services for that car, and responds with that list.
3: The Javascript takes the result the PHP page gave it, and fills in the checkboxes as appropriate.
4: When submitted, the form… does… something. I’m not entirely sure what.

thank you very much for your response.

After sending the form the user of the application passed to a customer master grid or have the option of uploading a new customer

As we had seen so far is:

  1. filling the select multiple from the database
  2. display the list of services with its corresponding checkbox
  3. when I select the car run a script that
  4. select (select distinct) in the table of union (product-service) all services for that car and checked.
  5. send the form.

but how populate a multiple select from the data base?
how I show the full list of services?
and what script I can use to mark corresponding services?