How many char limit for username?

hi all,

when we have member based sites, we usually limit on how many chars a username can have, example, DIGG limits to only 15 chars, and I limit my site’s members username to 24 chars, way too long I think…

so what is the optimal chars count you think??

I think you answered your question somewhere between 15 to 24 chars…

Just kidding, it depends on your content.
Can you post your site?
I agree fewer is better.

In my experience anything less than 15 causes problems for users who want longer names. The upper limit depends on space and other considerations but with storage being cheap and all it shouldn’t matter much although too long of a name may need to be sut off to be displayed.

HDD storage is NOT what i am thinking about, but 24 chars have broken my site CSS layout so i created a custom PHP function to truncate to 12 - 18 chars whenever needed.

However many you need. Generally I’m in the "why bother to limit unless there is a really good reason’ school.

Ha, funny how after all these years I still think of everything in terms of storage cost. Old habits die hard