How many articles would you expect

How many articles would you expect per day from a good content writer.

Say each article was 400-500 words.

Lets say the writer knows nothing about the content subject would you expect to pay more or less baring in mind research needs to be done.

a good content writer.

About one tenth of an article, per day.

Otherwise, you’re pretty much not talking about writing. You’re talking about retyping Wikipedia to pass Copyscape. Human article scraping.

Let us get one thing straight, right now. Research is not conducted with a ctrl-C. Writing is not performed with ctrl-V from the Clipboard. And “good” is not denominated in the word-per-minute count of a keyboard monkey spewing uninformed nonsense that passes Google’s duplicate content filter.

If you are looking for a good content writer, you are looking for one that researches his/her subject matter completely and can provide citations as needed. Then your writer would write a draft and let it sit and stew. After a while, he/she would go back to it and fine tune it, and polish it and proofread it.

If you’re looking for a good content writer, DCrux is right. Expect far less than one article a day.

What should you pay? If you are commissioning an article to be written, you should pay whatever fee you can negotiate or is quoted by your good content writer.

A good writer can handle any subject, no matter what. For example, in my time as a reporter, I had to cover all kinds of stories. Some revolved around subjects that I knew alot about; others took alot more effort to learn about before I could do a story on it. But, the bottom line was, no matter how complex the topic was, I had to be able to research it, get to the bottom of it, and write a great story - all by the time the 6:00 news started :slight_smile:

It’s no different with SEO content writing. With my company, we build research into the price of our content. Now, if you want us to write a 100 page ebook on how to launch the space shuttle, we may have to charge you for an hour or 2 of research. However, for virtually anything else, the cost of research is included. Any writer who wants to charge you extra for basic research isn’t a writer you want to work with.

Interesting … what about the notation they should get paid less because of their lack of experience in the topic matter?

Lets take some “real” world examples. Where on earth would you pay your least experienced staff more/or the same levels as you more experienced workers.

Anyway thanks for your replies.

Thanks for this … Ok so its very important.

How you define the terms “good content writer” or how the content provider will interpret the term “good content writer”.

Were not unlike many business needing to focus on commercial viability.

We need to get the balance of semi-mass production vs quality correct.

However, thanks again … you have helped heaps.

I can only tell you what I do with my company… All of my writers are professional journalists. Some may be more experienced in some areas (for example, I also have a degree in Psychology, so I tend to take the Psychology-related articles for myself. However, other writers have their own strong suits outside of journalism). I may farm out certain assignments to whomever has the most experience in the topic, but it’s not like 1 person gets paid more than the other.

You are right my friend it pretty easy now to copy paste articles and still avoid Google’s duplicate content filter as you rightly said.But how ever a good copy paste writer should make his work abite unique.

But how ever a good copy paste writer should make his work abite unique.

It’s a different mindset. Nothing I say will shift the paradigm of people who think, just because they have avoided a duplicate content penalty, that they have written something unique.

Wouldn’t be much easier just to find a writer that knows about the subject that needs to be written? I’m just saying, I did some article writing myself in the past, but I always accepted jobs that I was capable of making. Can’t write about nuclear physics if you don’t have knowledge of it. Research = learning = time.
Unless the subject is something really uncommon I don’t see the point in hiring a writer that knows nothing about the content subject.

I guess its a trade off.

Either you spend effort in finding a different knowledgeable writer for each article - or you stick with the known writer and expect them to become knowledgeable.

In fact, this should be no specific requirements, you are not able to provide for the mandatory number of it, everyone’s speed is not the same, no way to uniform requirements.


And what happens when your known writer doesn’t deliver as you expected?
It’s a lot of effort in learning something then writing about it and after all this to find out that your work is no good…:x!

I agree with you. It depends on your time, schedule etc… A reporter as you say can write one article per day or more if need be.

There is content that mere gets you into the game. Then there is content people link to, forward, and distinguishes you from the wannabe “me too” company.

A reporter can write about most anything. They are not, and nobody looks upon them to be, experts in the subject they write about. However, many clients hiring writers need to establish their authority and expertise. And, dare I say it, some differentiating approach or defining strategic vision.

Filling the news hole between ad spots and holding viewers’ attention is not the same as establishing yourself as a credible authority so you can convince a client to work with you; and for something more than minimum wage.

Let us not forget a whole whopping lot of reportage is criticized for being shallow, entertainment obsessed, and generally not up to snuff. Essentially this content has become advertising for the John Stewart Daily Show.

It all depend upon the caliber on that content writer,If he/she is quite expert then i would say 10 to 12, and if writer doesn’t know about the subject then it would be between 8 to 9.

Number of articles that a writer could finish per day depends on the niche/topic of the article. If the writer knows nothing about the subject, it will require more time to finish 1 article. For more experienced staff who will be working 8 hours a day, 8-9 articles is enough.

How many articles could you expect out of a writer who does extensive research on his/her topic they are writing about within an 8 hour/day time?

If I had nothing else to do but that I could write 5-6 in a day @ 500 words each. Takes awhile to learn about a subject and voice your opinion in 500 words but I’d say if they were putting out 2-3 a day at that length would be acceptable. You can always just high more writers if you need more writing.

My writer gives one articles a day if she does not know the topic, she is very experienced and a good writer. I have another writer for my travel site and the writer has very good knowledge about that particular location, she gives four articles a day.