How long would it take you to convert this site to html/css


If this site was handed to you as an image, how long would it take you to convert it to html/css without any of the animations.?

The entire site? Depends. How many images? Any special requirements? Database tools needed? We need more information.

Also it would depend if we have other contracts / work we have to do. If we can solely work on this project, we will obviously get it done faster.

Just to convert it to html/css, using placeholders for images.

You didn’t answer all the questions. I have no idea if you want one page, or the site, as your thread title indicates. One page might take a day. Depends on if you run into any issues like browser quirks.

Sorry. Yeah I was just looking for the one page.

Half a day maybe. At least for me. Again - depends if I ran into issues.

There are quite a few JS animations and other tidbits there too. Are they to be included? The layout isn’t very complex, but I’d want a day or two to get it all just right.

Just the single page, no animations. So would you quote 8-16 hours for this?

What would your hourly rate be?

The pricing depends on the individual persons pricing preference.

3 ways. I’d personally charge 8 hours IF I went that way. IF. Single page…I’d probably charge one flat rate and when I get done, I get done. Simple as that.

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What browsers need to be supported?
Will the contact form need to function?
Will the sign-up button need to function?
No expectation of any level of content management on behalf of an end-user, correct?
By “site” you mean just a single page website as shown – there aren’t any “hidden” pages luring somewhere that are expected to be created?
Creating exactly what is shown – NO FEATURE CHANGES.

Supporting the IE9+, FF, Chrome, Safari (ipad and iphone) and an understanding of the above by the client I would say 8 working hours is probably adequate. I would also add a 30% buffer in there because things ALWAYS take longer than you think.

However, in my experience people ALWAYS want to change things. So realistically I would gauge a day or two just for changes and dealing with bugs once the project is considered dev complete.

I would probably charge a flat rate of around $500 myself. However, I would also include some lee way in there for changes. It is unrealistic not to expect and account for changes. I also have 7 years experience with with every realm of realm development so that number would probably be very high for someone who doesn’t match my experience. That being said I would never expect to get that job because those are the types of jobs/people who care only about how cheap and fast they can get it and nothing more. I’m more about building a relationship and delivering a FULL experience… not just some html and css but everything. It is highly unlikely that this for example doesn’t need to be integrated with some kind of back-end system. I would sell on that rather than JUST doing html and css which is completely useless. Might as well get all done in one go with someone like me than scatter the project across multiple people. It is hard to believe that a businesses web presence is just one, single page.

Based on my general knowledge of the what people expect when posting on job boards for this type of crap I would estimate that people expect a quote in the $100 to $200 dollar range. Anything more than that you are probably taking yourself out of the running for this “type” of stuff. I’m sure there is some indian out there that will do this for like $50 bucks…