How long does it take to learn Bootstrap?

I know foundational CSS/HTML and I trying to learn JS and expression engine and word press dev all at the same time. Now it is being suggeste to me to know bootstrap.

What is bootstrap anyway? I know it’s a library and that’s about it. Any ideas?

Also, how do you know when your being pulled apart in too many directions. As I said, I’m struggling to learn WP/EE/JS dev all at the same time. How do you know when you are doing too much? Any suggestions would help.

Frankly, I’d say you’re doing too much. It’s not a matter of learning these technologies, but of practicing them and internalizing what you have learned. And you can’t do that properly if you try to take on too many new things at the same time.

Bootstrap is like a framework for html and css to help you layout your site and make it responsive. It might make your life easier, but there’s nothing there that you can’t do with just plain html5 and css3, so I would probably hold off on that for later.

I would concentrate on JavaScript (and maybe JQuery) right now and learn how to use it to accentuate what you know how to build with the html/css.


Thanks! That helps. It looks like I will need to learn BootStrap anyway since I am inheriting a new site that is made with Expression Engine and mostly BootStrap 3. It’s good to know I’m on the right path while learning JS. JS seems foundation for everything web dev related. About how much time (hourly or percentage-wise) do you spend learning new technologies? Or is that completely subjective?

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