How long does it take for you to design a flyer?

I was curious to know how long it takes some of you guys to design a 8.5 x 11 flyer?

I’m very limited in print collateral work but wanted to consider doing some light work in flyer designs. Perhaps do it for nightclubs, promos, etc… I think it’s alot easier than trying to get into more difficult print work like brochures, business cards, etc…

I’ve seen some people say it takes them 2 hours. Some say 3 or 4. Please fill out the poll so we can see some type of range and average for this.

Also, any online resources or how tos on flyer design would be helpful.

I did not fill out the poll because you can not pin it down like that. It all depends on the kind of involvement that is required. You could possibly design a simple, only text one in half an hour, a complex one might take two days – Datura :slight_smile:

2 days w/ 8 hours each day? sounds like too much…

Yes, it sounds like a lot, but think about it: You might have to go to the location of the business, take some photos, manipulate those, or you have to take photos of some people and work on those. I just imagine that a situation like that could exist.

Or maybe you want to include some fancy design work? Your question is a little too vague because of all those possibilities. If you are talking about those sheets of info a dry cleaner might stick under your windshield wiper, those are quickly done, if you are talking about a sheet or even a foldover thing for mailing, that is another – Datura :slight_smile:

I agree with Datura! Sometimes it takes up to 20h to design a 8.5x11 flyer. Think that you will have to include details and those details usually need a separate work, retouching etc… :wink:
The fastest flyer I’ve ever made took me like an hour though. Generally it is around 6-8 hours.

How long is a piece of string?

Great analogy – Datura :slight_smile:

Nice to see you again Andy :smiley:

So do you guys just charge a set fee for the project or go hourly on this? Because if it’s going to be 10-20 hours then that is one expensive flyer !

I’m asking because I want to see what pricing methods you might use on such a project so I know how to price mine when the time comes.

You know, those cheap fliers are really best done by those quickie printers that are everywhere. They are set up with standard formats for such things and the little business owner goes there and gets an adequate job for a low price.

When you want to offer this to a potential client you either have to compete with that price, which leaves you virtually with nothing, or you have to convince your client that you can deliver something better worth his money. If he bites, then you should give him a set fee after reviewing the project and talking it through with him.

At first you will certainly underestimate how long it will take you to do. When you look at a job and estimate the time it would take you, just double the time in your mind, most often that is what it will be until you get to the point where you have done it so often that you can predict better. There are always snags of some kind, so watch out – Datura :slight_smile:

Let me clarify that I have no intention of competing against templates or the quickies, as you say. I don’t care for that nor do I want those type of clients. I already know, to some degree, how to do the factfinding and discovering if they are suitable clients for me or tire kickers.

But I do agree that the factfinding is the key here because that process can help me minimize the amount of time spend on the design process.

Just do a few, under-price and you will gain experience. To get really good at a job like this you have to do a few first, then you can charge full price, whatever the market will bare that is – Datura :slight_smile:

I agree! start with some low prices for small and easy to achieve flyers then go bigger and more expensive.
Unlike coding, I don’t charge per hour for graphics/print design (I did that but in some rare occasions), I just ask for the details of the project set a price discuss it with the client then ask for 30-50% of that price in advance, ask for all the docs, files, materials I will need for the design. Once I have all this I set a deadline with the client and start working on his/her project.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

DTs point about the down payment is important as well. I usually ask for 33% when I judge the person to be trustworthy, when they seem a little fickle I ask for 50% down. When I have an established relationship I take 25% down and billing gives them 30 days to pay and really good clients have 60 days.

Be firm about the downpayment, often a client changes his mind. Also define the job rather narrowly and tell him that additions are of course possible, but you have to charge extra for those. Clients tend to try to expand the project and have this idea that they just can do this without cost.

Write yourself a contract that you can give to them and all those points are mentioned in there. This will also be a good exercise for your future when bigger things have to be negotiated – Datura :slight_smile:

I’ve completed a flyer in as little as 10 - 15 minutes. Cut and paste the text, add a border and a few other graphic elements and vola! A flyer. I doubt it was very eye catching but it served its purpose.

That is the key. What is the purpose of the flyer, who is the target audience, and what information will be provided, how will it be distributed (printed) quanity, color, etc.