How long does a browser's cache last?

If you visit a site that does not have any meta tags for “CACHE” included as to manually set a cache expiration, how long would the cache of that page last? I mean, if I am using Internet Explorer and I visit a page, how long would the browser try to remember the page using cache? Does it never dump the cache and try to load the page (wether their is new content or not) again? And do different browsers treat the “self-life” of cache different? I know you can clear it manually, but I am interested in how long it would retain the cache if you didn’t clear it manually.

Thanks for anyones input.

You determine how long things can stay in the cache using the appropriate browser settings. How long they then stay depends on how much space you have allocated to the cache and how quickly you fill it.

I never knew that you could set a cache time in the meta tags. Thanks for the tip, I am going to look up how to do that.