How long do you takes on prepare and written a article?

I think its quality and the way it has been written, which attracts the visitor sets the integrity of an article and such article takes about 2 hrs.

Yes i do take about 2hrs to write a quality article but I agree to the point that it takes less time to write an article on familiar or easy topic than on the one which is new niche like new scientific terms.

Time doesn’t matter. I just make it sure to have these:
Be specific.
Be truthful.
Be engaging.
Make sure to find the perfect balance between the three.

It usually takes me about 30-40 minutes to write an article. That doesn’t include the time it takes to work out what the article is going to cover as I generally work that out in my head in advance (since I usually write about things I know quite well).

Articles that include example code usually also take me anywhere from another half hour to several hours to write and test the code that the article will refer to.

It really depends on how much will be the content and how adept you are on the topic you will be writing.

It depends on the subject and how long you want the article to be. If your going to write a really informative article then it will take some time

For me it has less to do with the subject and more to do with the audience. The first thing I learned about writing professionally is that it doesn’t matter whether I think my writing is any good, it’s a matter of “Will my client/his clients” like it. To that end, if I’m working for a perfectionist who expects flawless copy it could take me a upwards of 5-6 hours to write a quality draft. I’ve had clients who will reflexively hate original drafts and always require drastic subject revisions, for them I don’t put too much into the first draft and focus on sharpening the final.

Nevertheless, I have learned one thing: Don’t rush. In 2011, I can’t hope to compete with outsourced copy-farms in terms of content, my niche is well-crafted quality and I know I’m going to have to sell on my one article being worth more than a hundred moonspeak articles.

It depends upon the topic and keywords for the site.

Great first post, GreenIrene. I think that’s a really good point: it’s not how fast, but how well. With outsourced copy-farms you can get articles for a penny a word (or less sometimes).

For example, I often write articles on topics like HTML, CSS, etc. Most of these I know the content backwards and in my sleep. That means I don’t have to spend a long time doing search, I can just sit down and write. It may take me as little as a half hour to churn out an article (excluding editing… I have someone that helps me with that).

However, if I were writing an article on say fashion or contemporary furniture trends, I may spend twelve hours gathering information and doing research (even if I was familiar with the topic). Then you spend another four hours trimming down the research into pieces that fit your article, then another two hours writing a thousand-word article.

However, the article would be unique and relevant, so it could easily net you more money (usually indirectly)… far more than you could get in the same amount of time from a link farm.

Thank you! :blush:

In my case, it depends on how many pages the site has. Usually, it takes a week before I can finish all the content of a website. Sometimes, it is really difficult to provide a content specially when you’re dealing with niche websites like health/medicine, business investments/finance, etc

I spend 2-3 hours to write one.

It depons on what is the website use for

If is the main site, I mean the sell site, one quality article will cost one hour, and one per day.

To some blog sites, which are just write for robot, I modify other related article, substitute the first and the last paragraph…I will spend half of hour on it.

There are times that it only take me less than an hour to write an article for a certain topic and sometimes an hour or two. The depth of your research will tell you how long will it take for you to finish a good-interesting article. Unless if you are only up for the quantity alone and wouldn’t really care much about the quality of your article.

Sometimes I write blog posts & it takes around 2 to 3 hours for per post

Well, i would say it really depends on the topic and its relation with my knowledge. I dont think its a good idea, if you would start to count how many hours it will take for you to write a particular article because this way, you will never concentrate on your content as your eyes will be on clock.

Personally I’m a content writer - if I want to write about a subject, I can do it in less than 10 minutes. It’ll be indepth as well. Why? Practice makes perfect and I’ve been writing online since 2004 - since I was younger.

You learn by experience, and when you sit down and take the time out to write, you’ll learn that your skills will improve with practice.

Good luck.

1 hour is aaproximate to write a unique an better quality content

That’s really awesome. Wish I can do that too someday.

Hi! Good Question I will spend 3 hours in wriring an article because everything should be

in manners and the writing should be more attractive and good .This is my time to write

an article…!