How long do you takes on prepare and written a article?

many people will agree with content is the most important thing for a website . but as website how long do you takes on your content if you want to keep quality ? including prepare and write . and how often do you publish new articles ?

Until now I have not written any web page content but yes so far Article Writing is concern, It took 2 hours to me to make an quality and unique article.

how long do you takes on your content if you want to keep quality ?

2 hours to me to make an quality and unique article.

This might be funny – provided I thought you were real.

It really depends on what the subject matter is, how long the article is, and how much research is needed to write coherently about your subject. If you are trying to put a number to the time it takes to write a good article, you’re doing it wrong.

If you know the material backwards and forwards and don’t really need to do much research, it doesn’t take long.

Preparing relevant photos/screenshots adds some overhead.

Research adds overhead.

Editing adds overhead.

And then, sometimes I like to take a break after finishing an article to go back to it and re-read it for errors, and maybe run it through a text-to-speech app to catch anything my eyes don’t (such as verb tense issues and double words such as “the the”).

All in all, write at your own pace, and as you get more practice, you’ll speed things up.

No matter how well I think I know a subject, I always research.

When I was a child, Dinosaurs were thought to be all reptilian. Today, science believes that some were feathered and maybe some were furred. Flying Dinosaurs were all called Teradactyls. Today science has renamed some of them Velociraptors.

The one thing that any writer can be sure of is that things change. If you want to remain credible, you have to keep current with those changes and the way to keep current is through research.

That’s assuming you don’t already keep current on the topic you’re writing about.

But in general, yes, it’s always good to look things up.

Tough question, because it depends on how much experience you have writing.

But to answer your question:

At the moment I try to write 3-4 new articles per week. Each article will take about 1 hour, unless it is a new subject to me, which can then take 3-4 hours to get it to a place where I am happy with it.

it depends on how much experience you have writing.

Okay, “How long do you takes on prepare and written a article” doesn’t give that away?

What do you need …skywriting? …in flaming letters?

exactly, I have to spend 2~3 hour for a new article , because of quality . it will spend over almost all of my extra time for articles

How long does it take to write a quality article ?
“As long as necessary”

It depends on how much quality you aim for, how well you know the subject beforehand, how much research etc…

I usually spend 1-4 hours on an article, but I created a 4-part series on knowledge management that I would estimate I spent 40-50 hours on research, writing, creating graphics etc. (for the curious: )

It depends on the subject to which i want to target. If the topic is of my interest than i will take lesser time to write a proper & unique content. This really matter that you write a topic related content.

Is there any other kind? :rolleyes:

I used to find articles and rewrite them manually and it still would take me 2 hours. Now I simply outsource.

I used to (and still do) find people who rewrote my articles and send them a cease and desist, contact their web host and have their site removed for plagiarism.

Takes about 30 minutes to one hour to write one article depending on the keyword count.

When I rewrote my articles, ther were 100% original content. CopyScape tested. No plagarism there.

What you said was “I used to find articles and rewrite them manually…”

Where did you find them?

I can write a good, unique content article, with a 300 to 500 words count and publish it on my blog under 1 hour.

Depends, if the product is one I know than a 200-400 word article might take 30 minutes. If it’s a foreign topic then probably longer.