How long do posts remain?

off topic question:)

Sorry guys,I guess this is an off topic question, but please let me ask this.
How many days will our posts and replies to any threads will appear?


It will remain here forever :).

I’m sure you’re not going this route, but links and other stuff in signatures aren’t searchable by search spiders, and won’t help towards PR of your site.

Just throwing that out there :).

… unless the moderators decide you’re spamming, in which case it will last (approximately) 0.3 seconds.

Challenge accepted.

When you post, your post is inserted into the database, and will remain there.

Thus, your post will be visible indefinitely. Will the condition that the database isn’t altered and moderators don’t delete your post.

lol 0.3 seconds? that’s awesome!

Thank you for all of your replies. I hope to see you in other thread.:slight_smile: