How Long Before You Made Money

How long was it before you started to make money on your blog/site?

How long did it take you (For A Highly Competitive) Keyword to get to page 1 of google? e.g 44,000 Exact Matches in Traffic Estimator.

How long before your traffic started to grow?

Ta very much

what time is it now?


it started to grow right after i built the site, probably a few months

but that was in 1996 and i’m sure you don’t need to hear what things were like back then

it’s still growing, too


96 I had just stopped using my Robotics External 14.4k modem and bbs boards. I guess it was a lot easier back then

3 months. But 20 hour days, 7 days a week of work adding content and building links.

Not really. Back then you had the start of the boom which got those in the know into money quickly, mostly via funding and partnerships, however as there were few companies actually buying online media [very very few in fact], just a couple networks and virtually everything required human approvals and conversations to get going. It was trying to sell ads to people who had never even been online.

As for the question at large, I’ve seen sites turn a profit in a matter of days and others take years. Work certainly has a lot to do with it but so does the niche and the user response… I remember shutting down a sidebar project once only to realize that it has popped up to the top of a few search rankings and was dominating my revenue stream. The site had taken a couple days to build at most but was hugely popular quickly and had users who wanted to buy things… so the traffic was performing well.

after 1 year of hard work…

Thanks guys.

Anymore stories.

I am in my 8th / 9th month. I think it will take time, if at all, but I am just concentrating on building a good site that people want to come to and use.

My Motto (Hopefully) - If You Build It They Will Come.

nice motto. … anyway you must somehow add in there…“ans they will stay…”

It’s actually from the film ‘Field Of Dreams’ but it’ll do for me…

I built my site one weekend, uploaded the first few images and prices over the next few evenings (I have a full time job) and got my first order the folowing weekend while out shopping with the missus.
The profit on that 1st order paid for my set-up costs and about 3 months worth of my time

I had a blog not too long ago where I posted some articles about programming. I left it for about three years and eventually had enough earned from Google ads to cash in.

That’s the only direct money I’ve earned as a result of advertising or sales, but that’s because that’s not the kind of game I’m in.

wow care to share the product??

Personally it took me a few months although i have not maintained it - went to uni and left the sites hanging, they still get sales but i’m talking the odd amazon book here or there so hardly anything to retire on…yet.