How legit is

Hehe, yeah, maybe next year when the next internet boon hits :smiley:

:tup: I wouldn’t touch with a 100-foot pole.

ditto started a transfer w/ them and they wanted to charge my cr card $250 upfront

I’ve registered all my domain with GoDaddy. They are great and I highly recommend them.

I have 4 domains with and have had no problems with them at all. I can’t say the same for, I had nothing but problems with them from day 1.

GoDaddy is great, i use them and quite happy with them, you need more positive posts? :slight_smile:

I have over 20 domains at godaddy, all working fine :slight_smile:

(1) Small gripe I have with GoDaddy is they said their promotion on .us and .biz domain names was going to end on the last day of June. So I rushed to register a .us domain name for ten years to be eligible for the discount. But on 1st of July they decided that now expires “July 31”. Not very moral.

(2) Bit by bit, we’ve moved all our 20 odd domain names to GoDaddy. I can understand the sentiments of the person who started this thread. GoDaddy ARE extremely cheap. What would happen to all our domain names in the hopefully-hypothetical scenario of them (or another registrar) going bust? Is it dangerous for us to put all our eggs in one basket?

(3) Noticed that Hostway host are even cheaper than GoDaddy at registering domain names:
Thinking of using Hostway to register some new .coms I need.
Has anybody tried their registration service at all? Any good? How can they be so cheap? I’ve spent 15 mins. reading their small print, but surely there must be a catch!

Well the lowest they can get is $6.95 but that leaves no profit. They must be making money somehow. I would look very closely at that one before buying a domain name from them.

How can you not have had any trouble with GoDaddy?

I read all of these comments and thought I would register a few domain names with them.

Well, they charged my credit card and didn’t give me the domain names. What the hell???

So, I email them… no responce. Finally I call them. I’m put on hold for 30 minutes and they tell me that they lost the domains in their system and that they’ll have to pass my request to their engineering and blah blah blah…

So, I’ll have to wait untill at LEAST wednesday to get my domain name back in my account… assuming their engineering department is good. Then I’ll have to set my DNS and wait another 48 hours to have it set. :mad:

On top of everything, I find this:

How can people say they are good with service when they are SO BAD. I’m not the only person with problems. They’ve been losing domain names. How is this acceptable.

First and last time I am using godaddy.

Sorry to hear about your problems. Must have been really frustrating.

Can’t say we’ve experienced similar problems. Anybody else?

GoDaddy is great but I also use Cheeky Domains ( They are slightly cheaper and I’ve had no problems with either.

I highly doubt that this is a recurring problem with GoDaddy. Regardless, you have recourse through your credit card company since they somehow haven’t delivered the domains you requested. As for your comment about how people can say that they are so good, it is because they are. Your situation seems to be unique and I’m sure that it will be resolved soon.

I said what I said about godaddy because that’s the experience I’ve had with them. The service for me has always been great and I haven’t had any issue with them through all these years.

I’m sorry about your problem, though.

if i contact them will i be able to pay with paypal? they say they dont take it but does anyone think they would?

About 2 years, more than 30 domain, No problem.
And they have great domain control center I think.

But they don’t chargeback your money if domain transfer fails. For example directnic does.

They gave me back my money when one of my transfers failed.

Yes, I just checked up their transfer policy

And now, if your transfer fails for any reason, we’ll refund your fee, no questions asked. You will not lose any time you’ve already paid for.

I think they changed their policy, And it’s great :slight_smile:

Godaddy is not an enom reseller, it is an accredited registrar.

Its a funny thing about Go Daddy. Either you think they are great or they are rotten. It is never in between. I have one client whose business I manage. They have about 30 domains with GoDaddy and I have yet to have a problem with transfers, DNS, etc. In act, I have moved many of their others over to just because of the ease and of course good price point.

But I have another client with one or two domains and he says the service is pathetic. That may be but I think the real problem is when people are transferring domains, they can’t understand the interface properly.
If you do it regularly, it is not a problem.

For my own experience, someone was tranferring a name to me and when I received the GoDaddy email, it contained the wrong instructions. I emailed their support dept and was given new instructions within about 2 hours and then later was sent a follow up email. So I can’t imagine getting better service than that.

I guess it just depends on who is on duty in the support dept and what types of issues need addressing.