How Large Is Your WordPress Website?

Hi All -

Just curious here how large your WordPress websites are on average in MB/GB?

Does anyone know what a base install size is for WP with one of their out-of-the-box themes?

I know each site size varies based on content, plugins, etc. I was just interested in some ballpark examples. Please include either the URL, or the kind of content you’re hosting.

Thank you!

You have only to download WP and unzip it to find its size. The answer is about 41MB with 3 themes.

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If you ever have to measure a website in GB, run away.

Download the Wpress file and extract all the contents from a wpress extractor to know the file size

Hi, thanks all for your feedback. I know how to find out how large my site is, I was just curious what everyone else’s average is. Are your sites image/video heavy? What tools/techniques are you using to control the size?

You can try to use plugins to optimize images for the sizes they are used on your site. Just search: Image optimization plugin into or

how does a plugin optimize an image without A: loading more code, making the website larger, and B: loading the entire picture anyway, and not in fact reducing size (in terms of data) of anything?

Well for something like images, I use SMUSH, then delete the plugin (shrug).

Figure out how big you want the picture to be, take it into photoshop or pixlr or paint… resize the picture before uploading.

Yup, I don’t have issues with images ( though I do have issue with having to double the size of images for retina - lame ). I’m just curious in general because it seems like even a basic wordpress website with a few plugins and some larger images is about 100-200mb (?)