How James Webb send pictures to Earth?

I know technologies has alot of secrets but I like technology alot and I always wonder how James Webb send pictures to Earth ? even in theory ?

This might possibly help your quest…

You may also find this article quite interesting…

How the Webb sends its hundred-megapixel images a million miles back to Earth


I did not know the radio waves can travel all that distance

I’ve watched a couple of documentaries recently about various space probes, and it’s always impressed me that someone could design and build a digital camera, take the images that it creates, wait until the alignment of the space probe is exactly correct to ensure it’s pointing at earth, and send those images back to earth via radio link, and even more so given that the probe was launched many decades ago. If I could remember which probe it was I’d try to link to the documentary, it’s one that crashed by design into the planet / moon it was sent to study.

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Science fiction become real :slight_smile:

I agree it is amazing.

There are two spacecraft that have traveled very far, they are Voyager.

I am not sure which one that is. I know there was one that intentionally crashed into an asteroid. I think the primary purpose of that was to determine how effectively the course of an asteroid can be altered.

Yeah actually it goes very long distances. That is why SETI (the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) actually listens to deep space. Ever see the movie Contact with Jodi Foster? They hear radio waves from Vega.

You can hear things like Pulsars (neutron stars) too as they spew radio waves like crazy given their magnetic fields. Quite fascinating indeed.

Note: I am somewhat of an amateur astronomer.

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Thanks. I will try to see that movie

In fact, visible light, radio waves, and X-rays are all electromagnetic waves with different frequencies and wavelengths, we can only see a narrow spectrum with our own eyes. Therefore, we receive most of the information about space in other ranges. For example, the well-known image of a black hole in our galaxy’s center is not visible to a person with eyes and was obtained in the radio range.

The raw data collected by the telescope needs to be processed and converted into images and other scientific data. This is done onboard the telescope itself, where it has powerful computers and software to handle this task.

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