How is this website built?

I have no idea how a website is built, I don’t know where the homepage is, there are a hundred directories and all the files end with .w .r and .i. Is there a tool that will help me break down how the site is made and where the homepage resides? Thanks for your help!

What site are you referring to?

Homepage usually resides in the main directory of your web server. If you are running the server on your own machine, try http://localhost/ on your browser.

You could find or write a script that lists a site’s contents if your OS doesn’t have a tree. I find my Windows * search does a list OK, but it isn’t quite as easy to see relationships. Folder and file names usually give some clue as to what they hold or do.

Starting near the top level folder I would try opening the files in a text editor (not running by mistake!) to see if they were binary or text. The .htaccess file is ~#1 as are any “config” files I might see.

If they’re text, then the hard part. It takes understanding of the language to see and pick apart enough to follow up on things. But I guess most languages have a way to “include” code from elsewhere.

Get out your scratchpad and open your clipboard, I’m willing to bet you’ll need notes to keep track of options and “leads”.