How is this site's JS created?


I just came across this site, which I think has very sleek parallax effects and animations =>

I looked into the code and realise that there are only few javascript libraries involved, and then a huge chunk of JS inside one js file, presumably containing the function triggering the animations… I’m just curious if the animations for sites like this are all handcoded? or are there tools out there to help in creating the CSS / JS animations?


There is a many libraries for that, for example:

Google “javascript parallax” for more

You can do effects like that with pretty simple, vanilla JS. Beware of copying this site in every way, as it’s just a blank page with JS off. I know many people wouldn’t care about that, but I still think it’s really poor design, and quite unnecessary. There’s no reason for the content of that site to be wholly dependent on JS.

Thanks Megazoid and Ralphm!

Yes, certainly. I think the website’s core message, content and accessibility should always come first, but there should also be some budget for a little “wow” for the more visually inclined.

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