How is this possible?

How is this done:

When you type anything in, and the website automatically captures what you searched in Google and adds it to the site.

I was thinking, if I could do that for me site. See, I have a limo company and people search for things like:
Pick up from Columbia, MD to BWI Airport

There are so many of those city names, instead of creating static pages for each city so my site is optimized for each city, I want to know if it’s possible to do something like the pdf example I have in the screenshot so that whenever someone searched for “Car service in [City in Maryland] to [BWI/IAD/Reagan National Airport]”, my site shows up in the results with the exact keywords of what was searched. I hope you guys understand what I’m trying to say, it’s kinda difficult to explain it.

This is what we call keyword targeting in description.

When user throws a query in Google, it highlights the entered keywords in the descriptions… these highlights helps the user in making a decision of picking right website.

You can do this by doing keyword research and then placing them into your description.

I hope I have answered your question.

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking. Are you asking how Google manages to display the results based on what you’ve typed so far, rather than waiting until the entire form has been submitted? If so, that’s done through a technology known as Ajax. I - or other folk here - can give you a more detailed explanation if that’s what you need.

Or, are you asking how Google displays a snippet of text to match your search term, with the actual keywords highlighted? Zorro has given you a short answer to that. Again, let us know if you need more details.


Hi An Alien, the technology is call Google instant search, how the technology work it explain at

I not sure you can implement the technologies to your web search, because master object claim has claim the amazing technologies, they do take legal action against Google.

lol, no no. I’m not talking about instant search. I already know what that is :lol:

If you look at the screen shot, I entered a random file name that doesn’t exist. BUT, if you look at the first result, not only does filestube come up as the first result, but it also matches the EXACT keywords of my non-existent book. If you click on the filestube result, you’ll see that the name of the non-existent book I entered is also in the website on the actual page. I know there is no way that they actually made a page for the keywords “thebookofpoo.pdf” because that book doesn’t exist so it’s has to be some way for filestube to capture what I’ve searched and apply it on their site so that the exact search terms show up.

Or maybe I’m wrong and there is an actual pdf file that is named thebookofpoo.pdf lol

If you look at the page on filestube, it seems that there are files of that name that it is linking through to. Putting in other phrases such as “download the random book of poo” isn’t putting filestube at the top.