How is this animation done?

Can anyone figure out how the animation on is done? I tried the following:

  • Disable Javascript (uBlock Origin has that option). No effect at all. It keeps ‘spinning’.
  • Right-click the element, download the figure (strangly enough called dowload.png), load that in a bare-bones example, and animate it with CSS. I can rotate it around its three axes, but that doesn’t even come close to the animation on the above website.
  • Look for CSS with Inspector, but the canvas element and its parent do not have any relevant CSS.

Do you mean the animation in the header?

That’s using particles.js

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That’s indeed it!

I retested it with Javascript disabled, using another add-on. And lo and behold: no more animation. So, uBlock Origin has a big bug.

Thanks very much, James. :smiling_face:

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