How is PHP Different from HTML?

What are some differences between HTML from PHP? :cool:

HTML is what you use to build cool looking websites, it handles all the CSS, JavaScript and SEO for your website where as PHP is a server side processing engine that allows you to build use template engines such as Smarty to control your website using template files and PHP files rather then HTML files.

More or less

HTML = Browser handles all parsing and output
PHP = 3rd party server handles all the back end processes

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PHP and HTML are not exclusive. You cannot have one or the other. To make a web page you need HTML. PHP is not a replacement for HTML. Understand this alright.

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HTML is the language understood by your web browser. It tells your web browser what the page content is, and, with the aid of CSS, how it should presented to a visitor. It is known as a mark-up language and quite literally just describes content.

PHP provides more power over your HTML output. Itโ€™s a server-side language, which simply means itโ€™s processed on the server, rather than a visitors computer. The ins and outs of a programming language are quite complicated, but simply put PHP provides a means of processing data and returning browser readable HTML. This data could be from config files, databases, user input, etc.

Hope this makes things a bit clearer :slight_smile: